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The Real Estate industry has always been traditionally focused on cyclical change as the key external driver of returns; however, Altmark Ventures recognize that besides the cyclical trends, there are structural disruptors that are just as important to focus on: Demographics, Sustainability, and Technology.

By adapting to the ever increasing technological advancements being made at an exponential rate, Altmark Ventures has adapted investment strategies to take advantage of the new technologies impact on the Real Estate industry that we have seen.


Investment Approach 

  • Pre Seed              Average Check Size: $100,000

  • Seed                    Average Check Size: $250,000-$1M

Our Focus 

  • Basement Level Tech: Facilities Management, Security, Maintenance services, HVAC

  • Brokerage and Consumer: Leasing, Sales, Marketplaces

  • Development and Construction: Project Oversight, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Compliance, Construction

  • Data and Analytics: Market Transparency, Consumer Behavior

  • Finance: Fundraising, Lending, Appraisal, Payments/Credit

  • Special Use: Industrial, Leisure, Storage, Parking

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